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Lucy’s Life December 28, 2008

A Timeline of Lucy’s Life

Name: Lucy Alice Neves
AKA: Lucy Alice Neves Asay Cox, Asay Cox
Parents: Richard Carl Neves (1882-1923) and Samantha Johnson (1882-1940)
Life Range: 7 Feb 1909 – Present
Age: 9101

1901 Sep 14 ~Theodore Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt, vice president under William McKinley, sworn in as president upon death of McKinley.
1909 Feb 7 Birth: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington.
1909 Mar 4 ~William Taft:
1909 May 2 Blessing: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington.
1910 ~Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture.
1910 ~Georges Claude displayed the first neon lamp to the public on December 11, 1910, in Paris
1911 ~Charles Franklin Kettering invents the first automobile electrical ignition system:
1912 ~Motorized movie cameras invented, replaced hand-cranked cameras:
1912 ~The first tank patented by Australian inventor De La Mole:
1912 ~Clarence Crane created Life Savers candy in 1912:
1912 Aug 27 Sealed to Parents: Logan Utah Temple.
1913 ~The Merck Chemical Company patented, what is now know as, ecstasy:
1913 ~Mary Phelps Jacob invents the bra:
1913 ~Gideon Sundback invents the modern zipper:
1913 ~The crossword puzzle invented by Arthur Wynne:
1913 Feb 5 Patriarchal Blessing: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington. This blessing was burned.
1913 Mar 4 ~Woodrow Wilson
1914 ~Garrett A. Morgan invents the Morgan gas mask:
1914 Jun 1 ~World War I: Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary vs. Triple
Entente: Britain, France, and Russia. The United States joined on the side of the Triple Entente in 1917.
1915 ~Eugene Sullivan and William Taylor co-invented Pyrex in New York City:
1916 ~Stainless steel invented by Henry Brearly:
1916 ~Radios tuners invented, that received different stations:
1917 ~Gideon Sundback patented the modern zipper (not the first zipper):
1917 Aug 18 LDS Baptism

1918 ~The superheterodyne radio circuit invented by Edwin Howard Armstrong:

1918 ~Charles Jung invented fortune cookies

1918 Oct 3 ~Tithing revelation to President Lorenzo Snow: President Lorenzo Snow received
revelation in St. George prompting him to emphasize tithing.

1918 Oct 3 ~Revelation of redemption of the dead: President Joseph F. Smith received the
vision of the redemption of the dead.

1918 Nov 23 ~Heber J. Grant became President of the Church

1919 ~The flip-flop circuit invented

1919 ~The pop-up toaster invented by Charles Strite

1919 ~Short-wave radio invented

1919 ~The arc welder invented

1920 ~The Band-Aid (pronounced ‘ban-‘dade) invented by Earle Dickson

1920 ~The tommy gun patented by John T Thompson:

1921 ~John Larson invented the lie detector:

1921 ~Artificial life begins — the first robot built:

1921 Mar 4 ~Warren Harding: Warren Harding dies of an embolism in San Francisco. He had
taken ill on 31 Jul 1921.

1922 ~The first 3-D movie (spectacles with one red and one green lens) is released:

1922 ~Insulin invented by Sir Frederick Grant Banting:

1923 ~Garrett A. Morgan invents a traffic signal:

1923 ~The television or iconoscope (cathode-ray tube) invented by Vladimir Kosma Zworykin:

1923 ~John Harwood invented the self-winding watch:

1923 ~Clarence Birdseye invents frozen food:

1923-1924 Education: Wyoming, Big Horn, Cowley. Big Horn Academy.

Apr or 1923 May Education: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington. Graduated 8th grade.

1923 Jun 18 Death of Father: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington. Richard Carl Neves (1882-1923).

1923 Aug 3 ~Calvin Coolidge: Calvin Coolidge, vice president under Warren Harding, sworn in as
president the day after Harding dies.

1924 ~The dynamic loudspeaker invented by Rice and Kellogg:

1924 ~Notebooks with spiral bindings invented

1924-1925 Education: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington.

1925 ~The mechanical television a precursor to the modern television, invented by John Logie

1925-1927 Education: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. High School.

1926 ~Robert H. Goddard invents liquid-fueled rockets:

1927 ~Philip Drinker invents the iron lung:

1927 ~JWA Morrison invents the first quartz crystal watch:

1927 ~Eduard Haas III invents PEZ candy:

1927 ~Philo Taylor Farnsworth invents a complete electronic TV system:

1927 ~Warren Marrison developed the first quartz clock:

1927 ~Technicolor invented:

1927 ~Erik Rotheim patents an aerosol can:

1927-1928 Occupation: Wyoming, Big Horn, Otto. School Teacher.

1927 May-1927 Aug Education: Wyoming, , Laramie. University of Wyoming.

1927 Nov 27 Marriage (1): Wyo, Big Horn, Burlington. Reed Asay (1905-1951). in Burlington,
Big Horn, Wyo.

1928 ~Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin:

1928 ~Jacob Schick patented the electric shaver:

1928 ~Bubble gum invented by Walter E. Diemer:

1928 Dec 15 Son born – Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Richard Aaron Asay (1928- ). born in Lovell,
Big Horn, Wyoming.

1929 ~Yo-Yo re-invented as an American fad:

1929 ~American, Paul Galvin invents the car radio:

1929 Mar 4 ~Herbert Hoover:

1930 ~Wallace Carothers and DuPont Labs invents neoprene:

1930 ~The frozen food process patented by Clarence Birdseye:

1930 ~Scotch tape patented by 3M engineer, Richard G. Drew:

1930 ~Frank Whittle and Dr Hans von Ohain both invent a jet engine:

1930 ~The “differential analyzer”, or analog computer invented by Vannevar Bush at MIT in

1931 ~Harold Edgerton invented stop-action photography:

1931 ~Germans Max Knott and Ernst Ruska co-invent the electron microscope:

1931 May 10 Daughter born: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Della Rae Asay (1931-1951). born in
Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming. Died on 14 Dec 1951 in Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming.

1932 ~Carl C. Magee invents the first parking meter:

1932 ~The zoom lens and the light meter invented:

1932 ~Polaroid photography invented by Edwin Herbert Land:

1932 ~Karl Jansky invents the radio telescope:

1933 ~Stereo records invented:

1933 ~Richard M. Hollingshead builds a prototype drive-in movie theater in his driveway:

1933 ~Frequency modulation (FM radio) invented by Edwin Howard Armstrong:

1933 Mar 4 ~Franklin Roosevelt:

1933 Jun 28 Daughter born (1-#3): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Carol Asay (1933-1935). born in
Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming. Died on 20 Mar 1935 in Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming.

1934 ~Englishmen, Percy Shaw invents cat eyes or roads reflectors:

1934 ~Joseph Begun invents the first tape recorder for broadcasting – first magnetic recording:

1934 ~Charles Darrow claims he invented the game Monopoly

1935 ~The first canned beer made

1935 ~Robert Watson-Watt patented radar

1935 ~Wallace Carothers and DuPont Labs invents nylon ( polymer 6.6.)

1935 Mar 20 Death of Child: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Carol Asay (1933-1935).

1935 Jul 16 Daughter born: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Lola Phyllis Asay (1935- ). born in
Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming.

1936 ~Samuel Colt patents the Colt revolver

1936 ~Bell Labs invents the voice recognition machine

1936 Apr ~Church Security Program instituted – became Church welfare program: Church
Security Program instituted to assist poor during Great Depression; became Church welfare
program. This program grew out of a revelation received previously by President Heber J.

1937 ~The first jet engine is built:

1937 ~Chester F. Carlson invents the photocopier:

1937-1943 Occupation: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. School Teacher.

1937 Jul 16 LDS Endowment: Logan Utah Temple.

1937 Jul 16 Sealed to Spouse: Logan Utah Temple. Reed Asay.

1937 Nov 21 Son born: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Ted Neves Asay (1937- ). born in Lovell, Big
Horn, Wyoming.

1938 ~The first working turboprop engine:

1938 ~Nescafe or freeze-dried coffee invented:

1938 ~Strobe lighting invented:

1938 ~Roy J. Plunkett invented tetrafluoroethylene polymers or Teflon:

1938 ~The ballpoint pen invented by Ladislo Biro:

1939 ~The electron microscope invented:

1939 ~Igor Sikorsky invents the first successful helicopter:

1939 Sep 1 ~World War II: Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan vs. Major Allied Powers:
United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia.

1940 ~Peter Goldmark invents modern color television system:

1940 ~Dr William Reich invents the orgone accumulator:

1940 ~Karl Pabst invents the jeep:

1940 Dec 20 Death of Mother: Wyoming, Big Horn, Burlington. Samantha Johnson (1882-

1941 ~Aerosol spray cans invented by American inventors, Lyle David Goodloe and W.N.

1941 ~Enrico Fermi invents the neutronic reactor:

1941 ~Konrad Zuse’s Z3, the first computer controlled by software:

1941 Apr 6 ~Assistants to the Twelve first called:

1942 ~Max Mueller designs a turboprop engine:

1942 ~John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry built the first electronic digital computer:

1943 ~James Wright invent silly putty:

1943 ~Synthetic rubber invented:

1943 ~Swiss chemist, Albert Hofmann discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD:

1943 ~Richard James invents the slinky:

1943 ~Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau invent the aqualung:

1943-1945 Occupation: Wyoming, Big Horn, Byron. School Teacher.

1943 Mar 5 Daughter born: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Carla Vee Asay (1943- ). born in Lovell,
Big Horn, Wyoming.

1944 ~Synthetic cortisone invented by Percy Lavon Julian

1944 ~The kidney dialysis machine invented by Willem Kolff

1945 ~The atomic bomb invented

1945 ~Vannevar Bush proposes hypertext

1945 Apr 12 ~Harry Truman

1945 May 21 ~George Albert Smith became President of the Church

1946 ~The microwave oven invented by Percy Spencer

1947 ~Earl Silas Tupper patented the Tupperware seal

1947 ~British/Hungarian scientist, Dennis Gabor, developed the theory of holography

1947 ~Mobile phones first invented

1947 ~Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley invent the transistor

1947 Oct 28 Daughter born: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. LuAnn Asay (1947- ). born in Lovell,
Big Horn, Wyoming.

1948 ~The Frisbee® invented by Walter Frederick Morrison and Warren Franscioni

1948 ~Robert Hope-Jones invented the Wurlitzer jukebox

1948 ~Velcro ® invented by George de Mestral

1949 ~Cake mix invented

1950 ~The first credit card (Diners) invented by Ralph Schneider

1950 Jun 27 ~Korean War: United States (as part of the United Nations) and South Korea vs.
North Korea and Communist China.

1951 ~Charles Ginsburg invented the first videotape recorder (VTR)

1951 ~Power steering invented by Francis W. Davis

1951 ~Super glue invented

1951 Apr 9 ~David O. McKay sustained President of the Church

1951 May 9 Death of Spouse (#1): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Reed Asay (1905-1951).

1951 May 24 Son born (1-#8): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Reed Willis Asay (1951-1951). born
in Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming. Died on 25 May 1951 in Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming.

1951 May 25 Death of Child (1-#8): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Reed Willis Asay (1951-1951).

1951 Dec 14 Death of Child (1-#2): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Della Rae Asay (1931-1951).

1952 ~Edward Teller and team build the hydrogen bomb:

1952 ~The first patent for bar code (US Patent #2,612,994) issued to inventors Joseph
Woodland and Bernard Silver:

1952 ~The first diet soft drink sold:

1952 ~Mr. Potato Head patented:

1953 ~Transistor radio invented by Texas Instruments:

1953 ~David Warren invented the black box – flight recorder:

1953 ~Radial tires invented:

1953 ~The first musical synthesizer invented by RCA:

1953 Jan 20 ~Dwight Eisenhower:

1953 Jun 12 Marriage (2): Wyoming, Big Horn, Cody. Burl Cox (1906-2000). in Cody, Big Horn,

1954 ~Oral contraceptives invented:

1954 ~The first nonstick pan produced:

1954 ~The solar cell invented by Chaplin, Fuller and Pearson:

1954 ~Ray Kroc started McDonalds:

1954 Sep 29 Daughter born (2-#1): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Cheri Gay Cox (1954- ). born in
Lovell, Big Horn, Wyoming.

1955 ~Optic fiber invented:

1955 ~Tetracycline invented:

1956 ~Bette Nesmith Graham invented “Mistake Out,” later renamed Liquid Paper, to paint
over mistakes made with a typewriter:

1956 ~The hovercraft invented by Christopher Cockerell:

1956 ~The first computer hard disk used:

1957 ~Fortran (computer language) invented:

1958 ~Gordon Gould invents the laser:

1958 ~The Hula Hoop invented by Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin:

1958 ~The integrated circuit invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce:

1958 ~The modem invented:

1959 ~Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce both invent the microchip:

1959 ~Barbie Doll invented:

1959 ~The internal pacemaker invented by Wilson Greatbatch:

1960 ~The halogen lamp invented:

1960 ~Vietnam War: United States and South Vietnam vs North Vietnam.

1961 ~The nondairy creamer invented:

1961 ~Valium invented:

1961 Jan 20 ~John F. Kennedy: John F. Kennedy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas,

1961 Apr 17 ~Bay of Pigs Invasion: United States vs Cuba.

1961 Sep 30 ~Church correlation program begins: Elder Harold B. Lee, under the direction of
the First Presidency, announced that all Church programs were to be correlated through the
priesthood to strengthen the family and the individual.

1962 ~The audio cassette invented:

1962 ~The fiber-tip pen invented by Yukio Horie:

1962 ~Dow Corp invents silicone breast implants:

1962 ~Spacewar, the first computer video game invented:

1963 ~The first videodisc invented:

1963 Nov 22 ~Lyndon B. Johnson: Lyndon B. Johnson, vice president under John F. Kennedy,
sworn in as president aboard Air Force One upon death of Kennedy.

1964 ~Permanent-press fabric invented:

1964 ~Acrylic paint invented:

1964 ~BASIC (an early computer language) is invented by John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtz:

1964 Jul 31 Education: Illinois, , Chicago. NWCTU.

1964 Oct ~Family home evening reemphasized: Observance of family home evening

1965 ~The compact disk invented by James Russell:

1965 ~NutraSweet invented:

1965 ~Soft contact lenses invented:

1965 ~Astroturf invented:

1965 ~Kevlar invented by Stephanie Louise Kwolek:

1966 ~Electronic Fuel injection for cars invented:

1967 ~The first handheld calculator invented:

1968 ~The computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart:

1968 ~Robert Dennard invented RAM (random access memory):

1968 ~The first computer with integrated circuits made:

1969 ~The ATM invented:

1969 ~The artificial heart invented:

1969 ~The bar-code scanner is invented:

1969 ~The arpanet (first internet) invented:

1969 Jan 20 ~Richard Nixon: Richard M Nixon first president to resign from office. His decision
was announced 8 Aug 1974.

1970 ~The floppy disk invented by Alan Shugart:

1970 ~The daisy-wheel printer invented:

1970 Jan 23 ~Joseph Fielding Smith became President of the Church:

1971 ~The microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff and Mazor:

1971 ~The dot-matrix printer invented:

1971 ~VCR or videocassette recorder invented:

1971 ~The food processor invented:

1971 ~The liquid-crystal display (LCD) invented by James Fergason:

1971 Jan ~Ensign, New Era and Friend magazines begin publication: New Church magazines—
Ensign, New Era, and Friend—commenced publication.

1972 ~Pong (first video game) invented by Nolan Bushnell:

1972 ~Hacky Sack® invented by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall:

1972 ~The word processor invented:

1972 Jul 7 ~Harold B. Lee became President of the Church:

1973 ~The ethernet (local computer network) invented by Robert Metcalfe and Xerox:

1973 ~Bic invents the disposable lighter:

1973 ~Gene splicing invented:

1973 Dec 30 ~Spencer W. Kimball became President of the Church:

1974 ~The post-it note invented by Arthur Fry:

1974 ~Giorgio Fischer, a gynecologist from Rome, Italy, invents liposuction:

1974 Aug 9 ~Gerald Ford

1975 ~The laser printer invented

1975 ~The push-through tab on a drink can invented:

1975 Oct 3 ~Reorganization of First Quorum of Seventy: President Spencer W. Kimball
announced reorganization of First Quorum of the Seventy.

1976 ~The ink-jet printer invented:

1976 Apr 3 ~Sections 137 & 138 added to D&C: Two revelations added to Pearl of Great Price.
In 1981, they were moved to become D&C 137 and 138.

1977 ~Magnetic resonance imaging invented by Raymond V. Damadian:

1977 Jan 20 ~Jimmy Carter:

1978 ~The artificial heart Jarvik-7 invented by Robert K. Jarvik:

1978 ~Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston invented the VisiCalc spreadsheet:

1978 Sep 30 ~Priesthood to every worthy male: Revelation granting the priesthood to every
worthy male member without regard to race or color sustained by Church.

1979 ~Cray supercomputer invented by Seymour Cray:

1979 ~Scott Olson invents roller blades:

1979 ~Cellular phones invented:

1979 ~Walkman invented:

1979 Aug ~LDS edition of King James Bible with study aids: LDS edition of King James Bible
with study aids published.

2000 Oct 24 Death of Spouse (#2): Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Burl Cox (1906-2000).

2001 Aug 18 Illness: Wyoming, Big Horn, Lovell. Stroke.

29 June 2010 Lucy Alice Neves Asay Cox returned home to her Father in Heaven and many waiting family members on the other side.  We love you Grandma and will keep you close to our hearts always.

Date Unknown:
Education: Montana, , Billings. Eastern Montana College.
Education: _______________. Brigham Young University.
Education: 8th grade, Burlington.
Education: _______________.



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