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Letters to the Grandkids March 7, 2010

Jamie Lowe Bocanegra

This is one of the last letters I received from grandma dated 3/16/04. I wrote her a letter telling her I felt overwhelmed sometimes and wondered how she handled it when she felt overwhelmed during her life. This was her response. I treasure it and it still makes me cry when I read it. She had more responsibility and trials than I will ever know. She gives me strength.

Dear Jamie,

It is so great to have all your special letters. Hug each one for me, especially yourself. The only thing I don’t like about your (my) grands is they are growing up too fast, just the way you did. I will always be happy that I got to ride home with you from Ricks. It made me appreciate you so much. You were sort of in the middle and I got to know you better.

It’s different to live alone now, but I’m getting used to it and I never feel alone. Sometimes I wake up in the night and wonder if the baby is covered up, then I tell myself that it’s my birds making the noise! There is nothing to equal soft arms around your neck in the middle of the night.

I’ve been concerned about you. You do so much for your children and your business too. I remember one time I decided that I wouldn’t teach that year- I was pregnant. Jobs were hard to get during the depression-but Reed decided he would try and get on one of the jobs the government was creating. The next thing I knew they had given me the job of teaching parent Ed. to a group of parents who needed help with their children. I was put out because I was pregnant and I didn’t like to teach parents, I liked to teach children!

So I started a kindergarten with the younger children of the parents involved. They came to my home in the mornings, the children did- and the parents once a week at night. Then I had to make out long reports! There was one boy, big for his age, who the others called “dumb” because he wouldn’t do very much. I let that go for a while. Then I asked them all to line up and run to a certain spot and back when I gave the signal. Of course he beat the rest of them. I was praying that he would. Then I talked about him being the smartest runner in the whole class! It seemed to work.

I’m sure that I read my patriarchal blessing a lot. I’ve always lived by it. When I was staying with a lady in my junior year of high school, she accidentally burned up some of my things (on purpose) and my blessing was burned up. I sent to Salt Lake for a copy of it and they said Bro. Berthelson’s blessings were never sent in and recorded. Later on I lived by Violet Mangus who was a daughter of the patriarch and she told me they had found her father’s blessings in an old cupboard-so I got my blessing but by that time I had had permission to have another blessing from Patriarch Carlton. I couldn’t make it without my blessing, so now I have two. They are a lot alike and wonderful to have. Be sure and read yours often. It helps to know what Heavenly Father expected of you when he sent you to earth. Sometimes it helps to ask your family for help. Then a person just has to take some time to do what you want to do.

I used to like to write stories after the family went to bed. Some of them I used later on when I went to college.I loved teaching school. I had taken normal training during my senior year. Then had one summer school at Laramie and taught one year at Otto (or Olto?) It only took me about 20 years to graduate because they let us teach without a degree until a certain date! I did a lot of college by correspondence. Teaching primary and sunday school and being on stake boards helped me fill the spare time!

Right now, I need to get a pen that works! I’m so crippled up- I do go to church every sunday and Phyllis took me to the temple last week! I used to go one week out of every month when we went to Idaho Falls after I retired from teaching. Now, I want to go back to Billings more often but need someone to drive me. Phyllis is my favorite driver! Take care of Jamie for me- will you? You’ve done such a good job with your family

-Love you-G. Cox

This is the last christmas card I think I got from Grandma. There is no date on it but I think it is 2005. (The kids made lots of paper snowflakes to send to her) She sent us “preach My Gospel” and The Church Almanac

Dear Wonderful People!

Your beautiful decorations cover one side of my Christmas tree. The back side hasn’t been decorated because it was leaning against some cabinet doors. Then Bob Brandt came, he made the tree straight and I had those beautiful cut outs that make it look beautiful. I will always keep them to remember special people. I’m sorry I can’t write so you can read it. My wrist has arthritis and doesn’t want to write. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Time sure does pass in a hurry, but I’m still using a walker to help me walk.

I thought you might like these books. the big one is the one all the missionaries use. So you can start being a missionary any time! The almanac talks about the two new apostles that we have and a lot of other things.

We love youlove-Grandma Cox

inscription in “preach My Gospel” from Grandma “I was born Feb 7 in 1909 and I’m still here!”

Lucy Coxinscription in 2005 church Almanac “The Utah page tells a lot about Utah but you almost need a magnifier to read it!” Lots of love Lucy Cox


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