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The Arizona Jail Birds March 7, 2010

Price and Carling, one January day,

To Florence, Arizona were taken away.
Their trial loomed as big as a whale,
Then they were sent to languish in jail.
So to Arizona they were taken away;
Oh sad to remember that fatal day,
When from their loved ones they had to part,
It was enough to break a stony heart.
“Why” may we ask, “were they sent to jail?
Had they stolen horses or robbed the mail?”
No, people of that kind go scott free.
And many a criminal we daily see.
Did they any of the commandments break,
Or their wives and families forsake?
That is left for criminals at large,
And against whom no one brings a charge.
But there’s a silver lining to every cloud.
Their hearts are not with sorrow bowed;
They are living on the fat of the land;
They are held in respect by the prison band.
They are built of the stuff of which heroes are made-
In the battle of life, they are not afraid
To stand for their convictions, whether wrong or right
Is for The Lord to decide in His Power and Might.
So, Price and Carling, I hope you will
Just make the best of a bitter pill-
Enjoy each day with might and main’
Ere long you’ll see loved ones again.
When you read these lines, don’t say I’m batty,
But sometimes visit your Sister Mattie

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