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The Mormon and His Grip March 7, 2010

It turns out this poem wasn’t written by Mattie!  Check out page 28 by opening this PDF: Latter_Day_Saints_southern_star
Tho the rain and sleet are falling
And the rain a pool of mud
And all men are hard times crying
And a fellow’s nose gets red;
Tho the river may be frozen
And the frost may bite and nip,
You can never stop the advent of the Mormon and his Grip.
While the trains are out of question
And for that, he’s not to blame,
The Mormon, like the tax man,
Will get there just the same.
And when his time is over
All smiling from his trip,
He’ll leave to meet his loved ones
A Mormon and his Grip.
Oh, he teaches us a lesson
With his energy and grit
That which paralyzes most men
Won’t astonish him a bit.
He’s very bright and cheerful
And a smile is on his lips,
But he’s something all men stare at,
The Mormon and his Grip.
Have a kind word for him always.
He’ll give you back the same;
For the evils of the black sheep,
Don’t give him all the blame.
He has left his home and loved ones
To travel without purse or script,
And may the Lord bless and prosper
The Mormon and his Grip.
All thy griefs by Him are ordered
Needful is each one for thee,
All they tears by Him are counted –
One too many cannot be.
Then if, while they fall so gently,
One can own His way is right,
Then each bitter tear of anguish
Is precious in Jesus’ sight.

3 Responses to “The Mormon and His Grip”

  1. hbingham Says:

    I tried to put in the link but it was super long. I was able to download the book though and I’ll attatch it at the top of this page as a PDF file. It’s on page 28 right at the top on the left. So interesting!

  2. hbingham Says:

    Thank you Wendy for commenting on this! I had this paper with my Grandma Mattie’s name typed at the top indicating she was the author. Your comment led me to check her age in 1899. She would have only been 17. So I googled this poem or song or whatever it is and guess what?! She didn’t write it! Here is a link to an old newsletter called “The Southern Star”, in it is the song and it is attributed to an Elder J.P. Morris. Wow! I always thought it was kind of a strange thing for her to write. Who is your G-G Grandfather? Any relation??

  3. Wendy Warren Swanson Says:

    I just finished reading my great great grandfather’s diary (he wrote it while on his mission). In between the dates of January 27th and January 28th of 1899 he had written some of the verses to this song! I wonder how old it is?

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