Welcome Home

Welcome Home July 19, 2010

Welcome to the home of Lucy Alice Neves Asay Cox’s family history!  Thanks for dropping by. Grab a glass of lemonade, get comfy, and spend some time acquainting yourself with a few relatives. 

To help you feel a little more at home let me give you a quick tour.  On the right you’ll see a list of pages containing loads of information about your ancestors.  It might look a little overwhelming but take it a page at a time.  If you are looking for one particular person or topic try a search.  Every related article will pop up.  I’ve had a couple of cousins call or email about pioneer stories for stake pioneer treks.  Type in Pioneer and you’ll get lots of info!

You’ll notice the page entitled “Lucy’s Lines” and the following names underneath: Johnson, Nelson, Neves and Shaffer.  The Johnson line is her mother’s patriarchal line. Nelson is her mother’s matriarchal family line.  Neves is her father’s patriarchal line and Shaffer, is then, her father’s matriarchal family line. 

At the bottom you’ll see “My Family History Library”.  These are books I have – or hope to have – in my family library.  There are lots of good reads there so check it out.  There’s also info on how to access those books.

At the very bottom are my recent Blog Posts.  Posts are how I keep you updated on what’s new to the site.  In order to benefit from this you need to subscribe.  Every once in a while, when I get around to updating the site,  you’ll receive an email notification.  This is helpful once you’ve spent some time here.  You probably don’t want to drop by every day and search for new information.  With a blog subscription you don’t have too!  And because I’m a little slow at updating – you aren’t bombarded with emails.   Occasionally I post my random thoughts or general info that might be time sensitive.  So subscribe and then keep an eye out for email updates.

Grandma’s home was always open to any friends or family that needed a place to hang out, drop by or kick back for a while.  It’s no different here. I’d love for you to get REALLY comfortable! In fact – move on in!  If you have genealogy to share I’d love to post it for you.  We can add it to a post or create your own page. Right now I’m the only administrator but I’d love to have a few more cooks in the kitchen.  If you don’t have genealogy at your house  – think again.  Letters from Grandma and Grandpa Cox or letters from their siblings or parents count!  How about your life history?  You know that’s the first place to start and if you’d like to share a little don’t be afraid to post it right here.  Pictures – old or new we can sit and go through the albums together. 

Also don’t forget to leave a comment or two when you visit!  Nobody likes invisible house guests.  Speak up.  You don’t even have to use your indoor voice.  I love, LOVE, comments!  It’s fun to hear your thoughts.  If you aren’t a direct line descendant of Lucy I’d love to hear how you found us.  Take the opportunity to reach out and meet a few new relatives!.

So come on in and enjoy your stay!


2 Responses to “Welcome Home”

  1. hbingham Says:

    Thank you! All it takes is a simple blog and just start adding things as you go. A few years ago I had the time to put into it but now I rarely have a chance to do genealogy. It’s nice to know this is here though and when I get a chance I add to it. Just get it started and see what happens!

  2. This site is really amazing! I’d love to do this for my family one day.

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